With only one more race left in this year’s series, we thought you’d want to check out some of these stats to get you extra motivated for Sunday’s Woodminster run!

1st Year of Series:            2001

Men’s record:                  3:15:51         Cliff Lentz in 2001
Women’s record:            3:53:04         Alexandra Classen in 2001

Joe King 50+ record:              3:38:28              Jeff Teeters in 2010
Ruth Anderson 50+ record:   4:36:22              Maria Briones in 2009

Youngest participant:       Alistair Eeckman (10yo); 5:17:17 in 2005
Oldest male:                       Ira Karp (75yo); 8:53:00 in 2003
Oldest female:                   Hanna Szoke (70yo); 7:14:28 in 2003

Winner of both open and senior divisions in one year:
Jeff Teeters, 2003, 2006, 2010.

Most Triple Crown competitors in one year:         88 (2002)

Haven’t registered yet? Don’t stress, there is race morning registration! Here are the race details:

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