2012 Series is in the Books!

Congratulations to all of you who completed all or part of the series. We hope you will join us again next year. We are a brand new Triple Crown committee, and we learned so much through this experience and are looking forward to making the series bigger and better next year. We welcome all of your feedback, so please don’t be afraid to reply to this email with your thoughts and ideas for a better Triple Crown Series.

The 2012 series started off with the 25th Tilden Tough Ten. Thank you race directors Kate Stewart & John Momper from LMJS! It was definitely a memorable year….everyone involved in the race wanted more than anything, for the race to go off without a hitch. No matter what distance you ran that day, the weather was fantastic, the views were remarkable, and we were surrounded by some really terrific people! Please join us again next year!

The Chabot Trail Challenge Half Marathon lived up to its name. Everyone was challenged by the hills, heat, and more hills. The course was well marked with friendly, live humans guiding us in the right direction! As usual, the awards ceremony was super fun and the raffle continued to take the cake for most unofficial raffle out there. Race hosts, Castro Valley Track Club and race director Juli Chouinard, are a great group of lively and spirited people. Lucky us, and a big thank you to them!

The third and final race in the series, the Dick Houston Memorial Woodminster Cross-Country race was successfully held this past Sunday. It is always exciting to see this race start – the handicap system is definitely energizing! This was the first year the race was managed by the Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders, alongside veteran race director Gareth Fong. What a wonderful job they did! The LMJS sponsored potluck, organized by club member Jeanine Holmlund (and Woodminster champion), was truly special, not to mention delicious! A special thank you to Juli Chouinard and Sweet Adeline for the first edition of the Triple Crown cake!


Results for each of the individual races in the series, as well as the overall series results, have all been finalized and are now posted under the results tab. TTT times were not calculated into the official championship times.

We would like to give special recognition to Johanna Thomas, the Open Women’s winner; had her TTT time been included in the overall series results, she would have set a new championship record of 3:52:29! We will keep her name with an asterisk, alongside the official series record holder, and we hope Johanna will be back next year to officially break the record!

We would also like to congratulate this year’s youngest Triple Crown participant, Jared Chan, only 11 years old! After Chabot, a competitive Jared said, “Everyone talked so scary about the hills that I saved myself too much.  Wish I could’ve raced faster – so, guess I’ll put the energy into Woodminster!”. Awesome!

Our last shout out is to first time Triple Crown runner, Priya Shimpi, who was determined to finish Woodminster, even after getting lost and running an extra hour! Talk about a “survivor”! After the race, Priya was still in great spirits when she exclaimed, “It’s been such a fun experience to start trail running, and I look forward to doing more of these challenging races.” We look forward to seeing you out there, Priya!

Thank you once again for making the 2012 series so memorable! We look forward to taking what we learned this year to make this series the most exciting, challenging, and well-run series ever!

Happy running and see you at Tilden Tough Ten, the first leg of the 2013 East Bay Triple Crown Challenge!

Your Triple Crown Committee
Claire Blaney  *  Christine Chapon  *  Debra Cramer

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