Two Down, One to Go!

Remember to sign up for the last leg of East Bay Triple Crown: Woodmonster!

Preliminary Results of East Bay TRIPLE CROWN: You can view the results here. Need a correction? Please contact Christine Chapon at

Attention runners:
Course change and NO WOODMONSTER CLIMB CHALLENGE this year.

Due to the Waterline repair project done by East Bay Regional Parks, Stream trail is closed  (from the intersections of West Ridge trail/ Skyline Staging Area and Fern Trail) and Prince and Eucalyptus trails are closed.

The route has to be modified for the 1st part of the race , you will still climb the top of the Woodmonster (~0.5 miles) and will enjoy a very scenic route on French trail. Please be considerate of your fellow runners whether you are passing them or being passed, be safe out there! We share the trail with hikers of all ages, bikers and horse riders! Let’s be respectful of their happy Sunday morning so they keep cheering on us crazy trail runners!

New route: 8.7 miles

START Canyon Meadow/Stream/Left and Left on  Bridle ( at Fern Dell right after the 1st bridge)/Continue on Golden Spike ( slight right)/Right  on West Ridge/Left on Bridle/ Right and  then left on  Stream: Water station 1- Mile 2 /Left Stream to Fern/ Up Fern/Right on French/Left up Madrone/Right on  West Ridge To Redwood Bowl: Water station 2 and EMT- Mile 5/Down on West Ridge/Left on Chown/Right on French/Left on Orchard/Left on Bridle/Right on Stream/to Finish: Canyon Meadow

Attention once more-Green run!
We will still provide cups at the two aid stations but if you can, please bring your own foldable cup if you own one (you can purchase those on line or at running stores, REI…)  or water bottle. We would love to reduce our waste on the trails.

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