Post Chabot current standings

The results are in! Below are the results of the combined times for Tilden Tough Ten and Lake Chabot challenge Half-marathon. Please contact if you result is missing or incorrect.

The final race in the series is coming up this Sunday. Register now!

Triple Crown Open Men Triple Crown Open Women
Place Name Combined Time Age Gender Place Name Combined Times age Gender
1 Richie Ledonne 2:15:17 25 M 1 Beth Vitalis 3:04:07 49 F
2 Noah Beyeler 2:20:36 28 M 2 Ellen Clark 3:11:07 41 F
3 Chrisr Wendt 2:22:31 23 M 3 Jamie Barnhart 3:14:10 30 F
4 Lewis Kane 2:29:42 24 M 4 Valerie Kao 3:17:01 33 F
5 Jack Wallace 2:31:24 24 M 5 Wing Wu 3:21:38 36 F
6 Jason Reed 2:53:44 35 M 6 Samantha Harnett 3:27:48 38 F
7 Doug Royer 3:08:17 34 M 7 Ann Sussman 3:58:06 48 F
8 Jesse Levit 3:08:54 30 M 8 Adriana Russell 4:25:43 49 F
9 Mike Flaherty 3:10:32 43 M 9 Suzanne Wright 4:26:22 46 F
10 Vince Camacho 3:12:50 44 M 10 Pamela Ben Rached 4:38:20 48 F
11 Joseph Makonnen 3:13:39 41 M
12 Vena Kostroun 3:20:23 47 M
13 Scott McHugo 3:22:51 47 M
14 Ed Nanale 3:29:55 46 M
15 Mark Luis 3:37:13 49 M
16 John Horton 3:41:21 32 M
17 Anthony Ababon 3:51:04 33 M
18 Alvin Lai 3:52:50 46 M
19 Jack Sharp 4:47:22 24 M
Joe King Cup Men 50+ Ruth Anderson Cup Women 50+
Place Name Combined times Age Gender Place Name Combined times age Gender
1 Scott Strait 2:50:21 58 M 1 Nancy Simmons 3:00:42 54 F
2 Andrei Pchenitchnikov 2:58:48 55 M 2 Sharlet Gilbert 3:17:43 63 F
3 John Spriggs 3:02:08 53 M 3 Laura McCreery 3:36:46 56 F
4 Ruben Ramirez 3:04:42 57 M 4 Martha Gilbertson 3:43:36 55 F
5 Trapper Byrne 3:08:23 54 M 5 Marjorie Maggenti 3:46:06 50 F
6 Jim Eckford 3:12:22 58 M 6 Carol Bruton 3:59:44 61 F
7 Barry Hotchkies 3:16:27 69 M 7 Alexandra Dronkers 4:01:47 62 F
8 Scott Brandon 3:33:42 58 M 8 Paulette Mehas 5:04:34 56 F
9 Arnold Ramos 3:35:45 63 M
10 John Schmidt 3:43:44 58 M
11 Gary MacPherson 3:54:59 68 M
12 Julios Ratti 4:10:12 63 M

Tilden Results

Congratulations to our Tilden Finishers! Thank you so much for joining us for the 27th running of this great tradition. What a beautiful day for a run! The weather couldn’t have been better! The superb conditions made for a FAST race. Congratulations to Anna Bretan on her 1:00:00 finish, breaking her own course record which she set last year. Congratulations, too, to overall male winner Richie Ledonne, who steamed in at 57:00 flat.

The women were knocking over age group records like nine-pins on Sunday! In addition to Anna Bretan’s overall course record of 1:00:00 (also an AG record for 20-29), Rachel Tobey set a new record for the 30-39 AG of 1:05:41, Christine Lundy claimed a new record for 40-49 AG with a 1:06:53, and Sharlet Gilbert knocked out the previous record from 1991 for the 60-69 AG with a1:22:35! Congratulations, ladies!

Altogether, an incredible 80 finishers claimed Sub Shirts (5-Sub 60, 18-Sub 70 and 57-Sub 80). And 237 of you finished the entire 10 miles! Race photos by Evan Pilchik are available and full results available at the LMJS website. Congratulations, Runners!

One more “Hurrah” to the incredible team of volunteers who made every detail of the day delightful: Registration, T-shirts, Refreshments, Aid Stations, Course Marking and Monitoring, and Finish Line. And to Michele Jordan, who doubled as Co-Race Director and Volunteer Coordinator, assembling the troops. Emily Lo once again expertly handled registration and Sarah Vitalran our timing team. Special thanks to our sponsors — Transports, Noah’s Bagels, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods — for providing food and awards. And to Jackie Evans and Kathy Shelper for providing reassuring medical presence. There are literally dozens of volunteers who help out with this race, and we are grateful to each on of them.

Thank you, too, to the East Bay Regional Park District (Sergio Huerta and Justin Neville, Park Supervisors for Tilden and Wildcat) and to the entire Board of LMJS for their support, especially President Kathryn Dernham and Merrilee Proffitt for all the behind the scenes assistance.

What’s next? The East Bay Triple Crown

One down , two to go!! Tilden finishers are only 22.1 miles away from becoming a Triple Crown Survivor! Upcoming are the Lake Chabot Trail Challenge half-marathon on June 1st, and in the Dick Houston Memorial Woodminster Cross-Country raceJune 22. The fastest combined times determine the overall male and female champions and the Ruth Anderson and Joe King senior division champions. Awards will be presented, immediately following the Woodminster Race. Overall winners’ names and times will be engraved on the Triple Crown trophy, on display at the Transports store in Oakland. The best part of the Triple Crown is that you make new runner friends!!! The Triple Crown races are sponsored by our amazing local running store Transports!

Are you interested in lending a hand? We need volunteers for Woodminster. Please contact Woodminster co-race director Christine Chapon,

Congratulations Chabot Runners!

Sunday was a beautiful day for the 2nd race in the East Bay Triple Crown Trail Series, the Lake Chabot Trail Half-Marathon! A big congratulations to you for finishing and a big thanks to Juli Chouinard and the Castro Valley Track Club for putting on such a well organized, and fun event!

For the second time in this year’s series, a course record was broken! Ivan Medina blazed to the finish with the fastest time ever for this race. Congratulations, Ivan!

Pictures, Chabot results and current Triple Crown Series standings will be posted soon.

Until then, make sure to sign up for the 3rd and final race in the series: The Dick Houston Memorial Woodminster Cross-Country Race on Sunday, June 16th. Following Woodminster will be the Triple Crown Awards and brunch, provided by The Lake Merritt Joggers & Striders.