Transports Woodmonster CLIMB Premium

Transports Woodmonster CLIMB Premium

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The Woodmonster is one of the toughest climbs in the East Bay. It is 0.8 miles of hard, steep, wooded gloriousness! The Woodmonster Climb premium is informal and open to all Woodmonster competitors; overall race results have no effect on challenge results.


  • Fastest male and fastest female
  • Top 40+ male and female
  • Top 50+ male and female

AWARDS: A selection of  wine, beer  or cider, gift cards to Transports, and bragging rights for the year.


  1. You must complete the full race course to qualify for the climb challenge premium.
  2. Your run must be uploaded on Strava by Monday at 10am and must be “public.”
  3. In the Strava app, please title your uploaded run “Woodmonster climb 2019.”
  4. In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by some arbitrary measure of awesomeness: thumb war, rock-paper-scissors, best interpretive dance, etc.


  • Times used are as verified by GPX mapping via the Strava website or app.
  • The Woodmonster climb stretches from the intersection of Stream and Tres Sendas (right before merging onto StarFlower) and ends at West Ridge, on Madrone trail.
  • Winners will be informed via Strava, by Monday, June 24th.
  • Awards will be presented Wednesday  June 26th, at The Transports Trail run.
  • The Woodmonster Climb premium results are tracked by Sam Robinson. He is also the brainchild behind this ritual of self-inflicted pain.